Can I have a CUSTOM dropdown date picker to filter dates by?... ONLY BROWSER NATIVE ONES SUPPORTED




  • Tomasz Pasierb

    Any schedule for fixing "AG-1891Filters - Add a mechanism for keeping the filter menu open" ?

    I'm trying to use a custom angular date picker component with ag-grid angular wrapper - I'm providing it we dateComponentFramework option and it is rendered and used but whenever I click anywhere in the date picker the filter component closes - this is really annoying especially when you need to set 2 dates for "inRange" filter.

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  • Alberto Gutierrez

    At this time, we are not in a position to give an official estimate for this issue, but is high in our priority list.


    This usually means that you can expect it to be delivered in the next 1-3 releases, or usually 1-4 months.


    In the other hand, it might happen that because the circumstances we decide to deprioritise it without further notice, but we try to keep this cases to a minimum.


    For now, all we can suggest is to keep monitoring our pipeline to see if there is any updates with your ticket.

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  • Alix Royere



    It is still in the priority list? I have exactly the same use case.

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  • Josh Matthews
    opened() {
    setTimeout(() => {
    if (this.dateEditorPicker && this.dateEditorPicker._overlay && this.dateEditorPicker._overlay._overlayContainer) {


    They merged some fix in for this, but the fix was not working for me because the material datepicker I use gets added to the body in a cdk overlay, and the fix walks up the DOM from the click event looking for a class 'ag-custom-component-popup'.

    To make it work, I subscribed to the open event of my datepicker with my IDateAngularComp and I add the necessary class to the container in a timeout, locating the container through a viewchild reference to my datepicker. 

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